January 24, 2022

Kudo Tsunoda Had Vaguely Communicated HoloLens Release Time Frame



Field Of Vision: A Short Story


Microsoft first publicly acknowledged HoloLens release date was in January, only said it will be in Windows 10 time frame. But if you really put the NASA story together, you get HoloLens was targeting July release. It was very much like it based on how the product looks and functions. Except for some calibration has to be done manually. Then it came the public reaction about FOV. The release date has obviously pushed back. Now they no longer mention NASA and July anymore. That’s a clear sign that it was pushed to a later date. How late? That’s the question.

Maximum PC has interviewed Kudo Tsunoda at E3, check the embedded video below. Asked when it comes out, He said: “It’s not like a year in the future.” He is also not confirming this year. While it is still vague enough, but that’s the most concrete answer about HoloLens release date so far. Based on people who tried out the device, they are likely working on FOV for the moment. That’s a big variable. On one hand, I hope they can release it before end of year, on the other hand, I wouldn’t mind wait a little longer to get FOV issue solved before getting into the market.

Also in the interview, almost all the important questions were asked, like pricing, specs, chipset. He dodged all the questions, except when asked about FOV, he said the hardware is not finalized yet.

By the way, I will have another post about FOV this Saturday morning. Make sure to tune in.