July 1, 2022

HoloLens Went from Whole Room to Table-Top at E3



Look at the above picture, and watch the video from here.  Yes, that’s the Minecraft demo on HoloLens during yesterday’s E3 press event. If you haven’t notice something strange, I tell you here. This time it is no longer spreading entire room. It’s only on a table top.

That bring up one word: FOV, you say. You are right.

It doesn’t matter. However you look at it, it’s still amazing. It proves that characters don’t need to be running around you to be immersive. Actually, a table top experience is more appropriate for games like Minecraft. Many business applications would work great with a smaller FOV.

For one reason or another, we are still waiting, waiting for the January experience. We don’t want to settle for amazing, we don’t want to settle for min-blowing, we want January back. Because we know what you can do, and we have seen it. We know NASA won’t settle for this, and we know something must be there.

We also know that “there are a lot of things to be figured out”, that’s fine, but we want you to know, sometimes amazing is not enough.

Instinct tells me something is cooking, I hope I am right.

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