May 28, 2022

Developer’s Collection – Develop for Windows 10 Insider Preview

I am writing a series based on Jerry Nixon and Andy Wigley’s A Developer’s Guide for Windows 10. I generally stay within the topics from the videos, but reorganized the points, and added my understandings and opinions. This series is still on going. If you are interested in develop for Windows 10, you may following along those posts, I am trying to cover most things you need to know about it. I will be adding more to the list while I am writing.


Develop for Windows 10 Q&A – (1) Random Points

Develop for Windows 10 Q&A – (2) Store and Monetizing

Develop for Windows 10 Q&A – (3) XAML and Controls

Develop for Windows 10 Q&A – (4) Adaptive Design


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