September 20, 2021

HoloLens Has a Lot of Things Still to Be Figured out


If you have paid attention to Phil Spencer’s interview with International Business Times, there is an important piece of information given out about HoloLens unintentionally, to quote what he said,

This partnership allows us to focus on a space that’s different from them with our Hololens, which has a lot of things still to be figured out.

I think that’s important to everyone who watching the HoloLens development. I am talking about the “a lot of things to be figured out” part. This is obviously not his main point, that doesn’t mean it is not important. Here I am trying to interpret the meaning of it.

It can mean two things. First, he may refer to how Xbox works with HoloLens. He talked about the possibility of streaming from Xbox to HoloLens on January 22. He didn’t sound very sure about what he said. So, it is reasonable to say the streaming thing with HoloLens is not totally worked out yet.

A second guess is he probably meant the FOV thing. That’s more likely the case. I have wrote many posts about the very topic, please check the link at bottom of this post. This certainly requires a lot of work, which also indicates there might be a delay. Well, anything after July is a delay, because that’s obviously the initial plan. Monday can’t come soon enough, you know that I mean.


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