January 28, 2021

What’s the Deal with Windows 10 Release Schedule?



Neowin reported this morning that Windows 10 Mobile launch scheduled for late September. It was revealed by Microsoft’s briefing to OEMs at a local location. So the words are only semi-official, but it doesn’t matter.

Microsoft have said previously that Windows 10 will be on a staged release, with Desktop SKUs go public on July 29. Mobile, Xbox, IoT and possibly HoloLens SKUs follows. In reality, there are only two stages that matter: Back to school, and Thanks Giving/Christmas. Desktop SKUs (including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets 8″ and up) obviously made it to back to school sales. Everything else obviously didn’t.

Because I mainly cover HoloLens, so that’s where I pay most attention. At the beginning of the year, the plans was apparently targeting a July release for both HoloLens and Windows 10 Holographic SKUs. During the Build conference last month, they no longer talked about July. In a Build session (HoloLens Partners Share Dev Experience (Video) ), one developer from NASA used the word “Summer”. Combining these with realization of the FOV impact. I think it is safe to say that HoloLens and the Windows 10 SKU for Windows 10 release date is pushed back.

Indeed, allow me to be honest, Windows 10 Desktop SKU should be available early or mid July and RTM should already been done, but this delay is minor. Most people don’t know and don’t need to know.