April 12, 2021

Company Is Hiring for HoloLens Related Position


Via Reddit, I have learned that a company from Seattle is hiring HoloLens related developer position on Dice.com. The job position reads,

Seattle-based digital creative agency 8ninths is seeking experienced Unity developers to join a small team to work with Microsoft’s cutting-edge mixed-reality sorcery, HoloLens. We’ll be creating high-end software for enterprise clients.

The job mainly involves development in C# with Unity. Reps from the company have revealed “We’ve experienced the full set of Hololens demos at Microsoft.” Not sure what that means. The founders of the company are said to be former Microsoft employees. They may have some internal information that we are not sure yet.

One thing to note is that it is rare for a company to invest in an unreleased product or technology from another company. Most companies only research, test and get ready for new technologies they see have potential. For the case of 8ninths, it’s likely they are a partner of Microsoft, or they know well enough to understand the technology potential. It seems they do have internal access to HoloLens.


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