May 28, 2022

Xbox One Latest Update: Anything to Do with HoloLens?




Microsoft had released a minor update for Xbox One on June 5th. Microsoft have said on its Xbox website that the update only include a few fixes. But also added one thing:

10-bit HD High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) platform support added

Also, yesterday evening, Forbes reported that Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb had tweeted that there is new update to Xbox One, that may change the interface to prepare for the future.

Your Xbox One will get a small update today. No new features. Just a few behind the scenes changes to prepare for the future.

I couldn’t find that tweet, so not sure if that’s the same thing as the first one above or different one. There is no log for that yet on Xbox One support page. Forbes said it might be something relates to UI change. That’s pure speculation, I don’t really buy that theory, because it makes no sense to me to change UI knowing Windows 10 will kick in within two months.

I suspect the above two (if they are not the same) are both related to E3, but how? We know E3 is all about games. The main stage will be set for new titles, a lot of snake peeks and demo plays. However, I think E3 wouldn’t be complete without stream between Xbox One and PCs.  In the context of HEVC, Microsoft mentioned video streaming like Netflix. If that’s just improvement over video streaming, it won’t make it to the news at all.  I am not sure if HEVC is newly added or 10-bit HEVC is newly added. I hope for the first. HEVC is said to have doubled the compression ratio over MPEG and MP4. That’s pretty big.

You already know I am hoping for game streaming, that’s totally different thing than video streaming because the former doesn’t tolerant delays. HEVC will certainly make video transmission much faster, but if the codec process is too slow, it can cause overhead too.

The bigger question is: will it make it to HoloLens? Why do I ask this question? Because 1. For HoloLens, streaming makes a night-or-day difference. 2. A new codec means streaming through WIFI would be possible.

I will be disappointed if this won’t happen in E3.

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  • afinley1

    It will be awesome if HoloLens can act as a 3D TV. All the sudden I am seeing the games in true 3D. Also it uses Xbox CPU for game play, HoloLens is just a monitor. Endless potentials.