August 13, 2022

HoloLens: Recommended Reading – Stream Xbox One Games to Windows 10 PC




Tom Warren posted this article: Streaming Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC is awesome on April 30 (during the Build Conference). If you care about HoloLens, this is great new. That’s why recommend to read that article and watch the video again.

Why is this important? Imagine replacing the laptop with a HoloLens. Hook it with Xbox One and the controller. Start Xbox App in HoloLens, select a game to play. You get the game plays on Xbox, it uses Xbox CPU and GPU but HoloLens as a display. The only thing is missing is how to have a wired connection between Xbox One and a HoloLens.

However streaming alone won’t make HoloLens desirable unless HoloLens can show the game contents in 3D. Actually, most game plays already in 3D format, just need HoloLens to realize that. I feel this is very close to reality once Windows 10 is released.


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