October 28, 2020

Develop for Windows 10 Q&A – (2) Store and Monetizing

This Q&A is related to video #2 in Jerry Nixon and Andy Wigley’s A Developer’s Guide for Windows 10.


Q: What are the major changes in Windows Store?
A: Well, the first change is the Windows Store is the merge of all stores: Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox. Second change is Xbox music and video are merged into the Windows Store. So, the Windows Store now has Apps, Music, Video and Games, four categories.

Q: What is App shared folder?

A: Not sure if this new to Windows 10, but UWP apps can share file between apps of the same publisher. This makes the app communication and integration much easier. What about apps from different publishers? There are other ways app can communicate with each other. Apps can provide services for others to consume. Also, apps can share files on OneDrive.

Q. Is the App Verification Process staying the same?
A. The App Verification is still there, but there is a key difference. You can do the verification test, which is the same kits Microsoft runs against you app, before submit. So you can find issues before you submit. When you do, you can be almost sure it will likely be accepted. This is big change.

Q. How about business applications?
A. One of main area Microsoft is trying to tackle is the business application. There will be stores inside the public store, called Business Stores. They can set their own policies, like beta testing, allowing for volume purchasing, controlling availability to specific business.

Q. What about advertising and monetizing?
A. First, you can advertise your own apps through Microsoft Advertising. Or you can choose cross advertising. Second, Microsoft Advertising SDK also allow you to create adcontrol in your app. There is a new form of ads in your app called Video Interstitials: running short video ads during app transition. Developers need to be careful about using that. It’s tricky in balancing user experience and monetizing. A better form is to insert ads into contents.