July 1, 2022

HoloLens at E3 – What to Expect


A week from today, on June 15th, E3 will start in Los Angeles. Exhibition dates are from 16 to 18, but press events start June 15th.

The major events we are looking at are:

Microsoft press conference – June 15 at 12:30am ET

This is traditional Xbox time slot. New games would be the main theme, but there could be more.

PC Gaming conference – June 16 at 8:00pm ET

This is the first time PC gaming is premiered in E3. Microsoft’s involvement could be the main reason, and Windows 10 is the reason behind all these.


So, how does HoloLens fit into this?

First, as Alex Kipman said during Build 2015, HoloLens is a mobile gaming device. Games developed targeting HoloLens will be relatively light weighted games. However, streaming from Xbox to PCs is sure to happen. HoloLens is a PC, right? Why would it be a problem with HoloLens? Here is the thing: Stream from Xbox to PC is through wire. Wireless streaming is still not a reality dues to the bandwidth, but what’s wrong with wired streaming from Xbox to HoloLens. Nothing wrong for a gamer. I certainly don’t mind wearing HoloLens while playing Xbox games with cable connecting the two.

If streaming like that happens, I guarantee every Xbox owners own a HoloLens within two years.

I am not a gamer, but if there is HoloLens involved, I will be.


  • VR_sunrise

    Interesting story. I think there is some truth in it.