August 13, 2022

What Is This Tablet from HP?




An Interesting new tablet form was unveiled during Microsoft Computex Keynote, actually it was briefly shown on stage, but no one got a close look. The tablet is from HP. See picture above and video below (at 7:30).

It’s dubbed as “Note taking Tablet”. Please check WindowsCentral for details (here and here).

What makes this tablet interesting is the form factor. We haven’t seen anything like that. It obviously has two screens: a smaller one is said 9″ and a larger one more like 11~12″ in size. The small one is built with the CPU and power, it can slide into the large one. It also has keyboard works like a cover, seems like a Surface touch cover, but thinner. So when they are together, it is like a Surface Pro 3. When take only the small one, it is 9″ tablet. It has a pen.

Very very interesting. If you ask me, I think it is like variations of Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3. Not sure how it can stand on a surface.

It is a Windows 10 device, likely to release some time after July 29 before end of the year.