January 24, 2022

Some Business Ideas with HoloLens – (9) Holo-Hotel Reservation

This is the 9th in a series of “Some Business Ideas with HoloLens”. Read other posts here.

HoloLens - Copy


Holo-Hotel Reservation

Development Effort: 5/10
Business Value: 8/10
Wow Factor: 9/10

You can go to travelociy.com to book a hotel, or hilton.com if you want to stay in the Hilton. I am sure they have apps to do the same thing. You read about the rooms, check picture of the rooms. Some even have virutal tours. With HoloLens technology, you can see better before you make a decision.

Say the Hilton is releasing a holographic app. They put their typical rooms in 3D form. When you start the app from HoloLens, you can see the room, room amenities, hotel amenities, surroundings up close. The booking experience would be much different. It’s a great way for hotels to win over potential customers.

The implementation can be straight forward, because this is mostly presentation, there is no need to detect user’s room objects. Major work is to scan a few hotel rooms, and other hotel facilities in 3D. It’s mostly one time work.

There are many variations of the Holo-Reservation: Restaurants, travel agencies, theme parks, casinos, etc. I will leave ticket booking for another post.