October 18, 2021

Is Windows 10 ready?

Tom Warren just posted an article of the same title, not counter his points, I agree what he says, but want to expend some of them. I have my own opinions of course.

Is Windows 10 Ready?

The consensus ranges from NO, to maybe, to probably but a lot of work ahead. Tom Warren and many others are in the right most side of the spectrum: nicely optimistic. They are showing optimism with a lot of doubts.

Sorry, I am not in any of the above. I am telling you why?

Microsoft is not some hack shop, there are quality controls and I assume they wouldn’t release some code they are not sure if it’s going to work.

Windows 10 is by any account the biggest change in Microsoft. I don’t think anyone in Microsoft is still not sure how important Windows 10 is. They wouldn’t release it not matter how much they want to.

If you ask me two days ago, whether Microsoft will release Windows 10 in July, I would say yes, but with reservation. Actually I am probably the only one on the planet to insist that Windows 10 will release in July. Now they had made it official. Folks, they don’t have to. They could push it way over to say, Sept. 22. Or mid-October like they usually do. If you assume they are doing something stupid, I am not convinced by that.

I understand people are worried. They are worried because: They look at features more than Windows itself and they don’t see the latest build.

I would assume the Windows 10 will RTM in two weeks, or they already did. I just can’t image this to happen:Windows 10 available July 29, but new PCs are only available after August 31st.  An early June RTM leads to early August hardware in the market, as simple as that, unless something is wrong.