August 13, 2022

Develop for Windows 10: (3) Setup Tools

Please read Develop for Windows 10: (4) Fix Mobile Emulators before continue.

As of today (June 2nd), Windows 10 is still in Tech Preview (called Insider Preview now), Visual Studio 2015 is still in RC (Release Candidate). Windows 10 will release on July 29th, Visual Studio 2015 can’t be far away, but at the moment you have to use the TP and RC.  Windows 10 SDK can change a little at the time Windows 10 is released, but it’s safe to say, you can start write some code now. Changes will be minimal if there is any.

You need to install 2 things: Windows 10 Tech Preview, Visual Studio 2015 RC. You could install Visual Studio 2015 on a Windows 7, 8, 8.1 machine and develop for Windows 10, but some functions are not available (I don’t know what). So it is the best to install Windows 10 TP on a VM then have Visual Studio 2015 RC installed on it.


Install Windows 10 Technical Preview on VirtualBox

So your machine is running either Windows 7, or 8.1, if you are running anything other than these two, then you are reading the wrong article.

Download and install VirtualBox from here.

Download Windows 10 Tech Preview (now called Insider Preview) from here. You will need login with your insider account (if you haven’t signed up, please go to do so). Now click link download the ISO file .

PCWorld has a nice tutorial on how to install Windows 10 TP on VirtualBox.


Install Visual Studio 2015 RC on Windows 10 Preview

Got to, right on top of the page, you can download Visual Studio 20015 RC Community Edition or Enterprise Edition, doesn’t matter.

When Install VS 2015 RC, make sure choose custom install, then check Universal Windows App Development Tools and its subitems.



Note, current VS 2015 RC has Windows 10 SDK included.


If things goes fine, you have your environment ready to development App for Windows 10.