May 28, 2022

Field Of Vision: A Short Story

* This post is filed under Fictional Reality genre.




When: April 21, 2015. Three months after HoloLens first unveiling to the public, one week before Build 2015.

Where: Lab 12. One of most secretive bunkers under the vast land of Redmond.

Characters: Terry, a cooperate executive in Redmond. Joe, a highly publicized cooperate VP who reports to Terry. Alex, an inventor and tenured researcher who is in charge of Project HoloLens.

Settings: A self-service bar with highest security possible. The lock can only be opened when Terry, Joe and Alex are present at the same time. Each of them are holding a separate 128 byte key by a special GUID generator. They all have to memorize them. The lock can only be opened with that 384 characters.


It’s 4:00 in the morning. The sky looks more grimy than it should be, and this is the 5th days of non-stopping rain. “April rain, May flowers”, as the saying goes, but you have to realize this is Redmond.

Alex drives his SUV from his office in main campus Building 24  to Lab 12. After first security check, he is allowed to park his car in front of the lab. Terry and Joe are already waiting in front of the door. It’s a routine: three line up in order of T-J-A, and type their 128 byte password, they have to all finish within 30 second.

The room is tinny and simple. Terry sits down. Joe sits down, so does Alex.

Terry:  “What the hell is that little light flashing over the table?”

Joe: “That is Alex’s new prototype HoloLens,” winking to Alex.

Terry: “Didn’t they say no electronics is allowed in this room?” Terry smashed the HoloLens into pieces with a construction hammer.

Alex: “Terry, you just destroyed my entire night of work!”

Terry: “So?”

Alex is left shaking his head.

Terry: “OK, guys. Again congrats for the show of Windows 10, particularly, the HoloLens! Now we have another show to  do next week: the Build Conference… What’s wrong with your face Alex?”

Alex: “What?”

Terry: “Joe, how does he look?”

Joe: “Miserable?”

Alex: “No, I don’t… Ah, well, I am stressed out.”

Terry: “Go ahead…”

Alex: “OK, gentlemen, we have a tough choice here. The Cherry Trail didn’t work out on HoloLens. We need a more powerful one, but that won’t be available soon enough for the Build. So, we have 500 HoloLens ready in the truck for San Francisco this morning. We can either have a small FOV with no image shifting, no nauseating, or big FOV with noticeable the other two.”

Terry: “Shit! What do you think?”

Alex: “Well, I don’t know. That’s why we are here.”

Terry: “OK. Head for small FOV, tail for nauseating.  I throw this quarter, Joe catch it in the air and pan it to the table.”

The result, as everybody already know is Head.

The meetings happen here are always short and effective, like this one. So out they went.

On the way back to his office, Alex picks up this Lumia 940XL prototype (as a gift from Joe), and calls the guy on the truck: “Where is the truck? OK then, tune down the FOV.”