December 7, 2021

Microsoft Is Working to Implement Holo-Video Recording For HoloLens




You might remember I have wrote things like Holo-Concert, Holo-Movie and Holo-Golf Swing. You wouldn’t think I was serious, would you? Now the ideas are echoed from Microsoft.

During LDV Vision Summit, Microsoft researcher Steve Sullivan has shown their work at Microsoft called Video Hologram. Excerpt from MIT Technology Review:

Microsoft has built a kind of holographic TV studio at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Roughly 100 cameras capture a performance from many different angles. Software uses the different viewpoints to create a highly accurate 3-D model of the person performing, resulting in a photo-real appearance.

I was thinking the work can be done by HoloLens itself, because HoloLens has got both RGB cameras and depth cameras, but what Sullivan showed is a TV Studio with 100 Cameras, that sounds big and expensive. We will find out. The idea is to capture a holographic presence of people, it can then be viewed by HoloLens, or as an asset for holographic creation, like games, apps for HoloLens. Going further, a theatrical performance can be recorded in hologram, then viewed by HoloLens. Think about a Holographic video posting site, where all video are not just low-res, hi-res, but there is option to be viewed as 3D holograms when you have a HoloLens. If go even further, a performance can be captured live and streamed live on the Internet, which I think Internet speed won’t allow right now.

The recording can also be used for sport instructions, like teaching golf swings.

I am not sure if you have paid attention to the first HoloLens presentation on January 21st by Alex Kipman. He showed briefly a Terry Myerson hologram. I think that’s exactly what Steve Sullivan talked about. Please watch the following video again (at 3:54).



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