December 7, 2021

Some Business Ideas with HoloLens – (21) Holo-Golf Putting


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Development Effort: 5/10
Business Value: 10/10
Wow Factor: 8/10


Look at the picture above: 2005, Augusta, Masters, 16th hole, Chris DiMarco, Tiger Woods. If you are a golfer, or a fan of golf like me, you understand every words I just said. A dramatic up and down putting puts Tiger Woods into a good position to win. The magical moment happens only once in many decades. You have to be really really good at putting and get a little luck for that to happens. Of course we know who was behind the ball.

Arnold Palmer said “Driving for Show, Putting for Dough”, which is not to say driving is not important, but put the ball to the green is far from enough. Now I am talking about putting.

The difficulties in putting are reading the green and controlling the putter. Reading the green is hard. The grass type, length, the ground contour, breaks ahead, the mud, water, everything can change the ball’s path. Controlling the putter includes how much force you put to the putter, the spin, etc. That’s a lot to master. Fortunately, HoloLens can help on most of these. It can tell the grass type, length. It can precisely map the ground contour, hazards in the path. You can manually input the putter type, HoloLens will figure out the specs of putter. Once this is done. HoloLens can draw arrows in holograms to tell you putting direction and how much force.

Again, you wouldn’t be able to wear a HoloLens in the tournament, but you can practice with it. The more you do that, the better you can read the green, the better chance you become a good golfer. It’s like you are following a great golfer everyday, you look and follow what he does, you have better chance to do what he does.

Same like in the Holo-Golf Swing, there isn’t a lot for a current golf app developer to do an app for HoloLens. If you already have a golf app on Windows Phone, you can very much build on the current code base. You probably want to use Unity to get 3D holograms though.


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  • Bob Barnes

    Sounds like a great high end training device (given likely price of Hololens it may be a while before mass market).