December 7, 2021

Tech In Short: Surface 3



I want to start a Tech-In-Short series. Not really a series, but from time to time, I want to put some would-be long content into a short one. It serves the same purpose as long ones, but for people who are interested answers not explanations, back stories, this could be useful. For example, I heard of Surface 3, is it any good? Should I buy it? There are long answers and short ones, under this title, I will try to give short ones.

I own a Surface 3 (4G/128G) for 2 weeks now. I haven’t done an all-around test, benchmarking or things like that, and I will never do. But I can share the experience as a user. I am a developer, I run Visual Studio. A couple of million lines of code project opens fast and smooth. Compile time is comparable to my work machine in the office. I run Photoshop, no stutters or anything. And Minecraft runs just fine. Performance vice, I think anyone who is not hardcore gamer would be satisfied. Regardless you are student or professionals. But if you are running AutoCAD or Solidworks that do a lot of 3D, you might want to check with something else. I am not so sure. You get the impression that Atom processor is no longer netbook level anymore.

Battery life? I have no idea. I have never run out of battery. Honestly, I don’t get all the battery life obsession. I don’t see anyone would use any computer away from the power plug for 8 hours. Maybe there are cases, that’s got be rare.

The screen is 10.8″, a bit larger than Surface 2, noticeably smaller than Surface Pro 3. So it is small for non-mobile uses. So I bought a display port to HDMI cable, and HDMI to a larger monitor. If I am on the go, Surface 3 is a go to machine.

I got the type cover too. The type cover is not the best keyboard around. My complain is not the travel distance, which is good enough. My complain is there is a bit delay in response. It’s barely noticeable, but if you put it side by side with a regular keyboard, you can feel it.

Is the pen necessary? Not really. Many people like it, but my suggestion is you don’t have to buy it at first. You may not need it at all.

What I like the most? It’s a workstation when I put it on my desk, it’s a mobile device when I put in my bag. It is a high quality computer comparing to anything in the market. I did say anything. In my opinion, it makes 90% of the $1000+ laptops laughable.

If you are buying a computer, I don’t see any reason you are not buying this one, unless you have money for a Surface Pro 3. My honest opinion: Surface 3 should be your next computer regardless you are a elementary, high school or college student, an engineer, a layer, a doctor, or an executive. Remember 2G/64G is for students, 4G/128G is for everyone else.


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