August 13, 2022

HoloLens Hiring Acitivities Show Microsoft Is Serious About HoloLens




There have been a lot of hiring activities in HoloLens team in Microsoft for the past a few months, from this: Kudo Tsundoa’s Role Change: What It Means To Xbox & HoloLens, to this: HoloLens Team Is Hiring, to this: Mass Effect Creator to Work on Microsoft Hololens. It says at least one thing: Microsoft is very serious about HoloLens, which is good news for fans.

Notice many of mentioned efforts are around gaming. So, it seems gaming will be main focus in the near future. One of the above hirings is extending the development, testing and management team all around. It tells me that Microsoft is investing heavily on HoloLens. Indrectly, it shows confidence in the product. I believe we are going to see some quality games and apps designed for 3D holograms. Only thing worries me is when, because high quality games are not made in months. But in any case, the sky is blue in the HoloLens world, even though there are a couple of clouds like FOV. I would like to see what’s new in E3.