June 19, 2019

Developer’s Collection: Build 2015 Recorded Sessions




This is a list of my post about Build 2015 sessions. I watched them and put my notes after each video. If you take time to go through them, I can guarantee you will have the big picture of what UWP is, and how you can start doing it. You will be surprised that Windows 10 development is about simplicity. Maybe there will be one or two I will add this list, or maybe not.

Jerry Nixon and Andy Wigley will talk about Windows 10 development soon. I will cover that on or after. Make sure to check back.

Build 2015 Summary: What’s New in XAML

Build 2015 Summary: API Contracts

Build 2015 Session Summary: Building UWP Experiences with XAML (Important)

BUILD 2015 Summary: Application Lifecycle

BUILD 2015 Summary: Developing Universal Windows Apps with Visual Studio 2015

BUILD 2015 Summary: Introducing the Windows 10 App Model