May 28, 2022

Build 2015 Summary: What’s New in XAML




This Build 2015 recorded is about the user interface, focusing on new UWP XAML controls. There are a few demos to look into. Even though some topics are a little repeating, this is a good presentation for getting started with UWP. This a good speaker, so please watch it if you can. Check my notes after the video.

>> For UWP in Visual Studio, you create only one type of project: Windows Universal

>> Demoed a simple app, without any special code, compile for every type of devices including Rasberry PI

>> New Universal Controls:

>> Pivot: Pivot on small screens, turns to tabs on big screens !!!

>> ContentDialog: popup dialog

>> AutoSuggestBox

>> Map Control

>> SplitView and RelativePanel
> Understand there are a few modes in SplitView.
> Understand SplitView has a content pane, that’s where you put a┬áRelativePanel in.
> These two controls usually work together
> This is how they work together:
You have a SplitView as the main interface, you put RelativePanel in the contentPane of the SplitView, then you put your contents and other controls in side the RelativePanel. Most of things show work out of box. But for complex case, or you want to make look better, you may want to carefully define the control relations inside of RelativePanel. More often you may want to go further to use the following two in XMAL: Use <VisualState.Setters> and <VisualState.Triggers>

That’s it.

> AppBar still works. It coexists with SplitView!

>> Another new thing in XAML is: it is faster, also has compile time name checking.

>> PerspectiveTransform3D
It does transform control in 3D space: rotations and parallax.

My suggestion is: don’t do it just because it is new. I personal don’t see much value on it, but well see.

>> Windowing
> You can customize background, titlebar, etc.

>> Ink Canvas

>>Drag and Drop

>> WebView