July 1, 2022

Windows 10 SKUs: The Most Concise List

Microsoft has released the whole list of Windows 10 SKUs, or Editions from user’s point view, through a blog post. But no one, including Microsoft has described it in the way that is comprehensibly short and to the point. So, I decide to say it in human language: accurate and understandable. Here it is.

For Personal Use:
1. Windows 10 Home: (No explanation needed)
2. Windows 10 Mobile: Phone and Tabets < 8″ (ARM or Intel)

For Enterprise:
3. Windows 10 Pro: For small business
4. Windows 10 Enterprise: All sizes of business, target volume licensing
5. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise: Same as 2, but added enterprise features like security.

For IoT:
6. Windows 10 Enterprise (IoT): ATM, POS, etc.
7. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise (IoT): Handheld terminals, etc.
8. Windows 10 IoT Core: For small footprint, low cost devices like gateways

That’s ALL.