May 21, 2019

What Is a Phablet?

When started this website, I planed a lot of big topics. Where to start from? I decided to start with small things, like…

What is a phablet?

“Phablet” is word made up by technology writer Mary Jo Foley, freshly, referring to 5″ (or larger) screened smartphones. Take no guess, it is phone + tablet. If you go to mobile stores, you may see some extremely large screened phones, they are phablets. People start using this word more and more on the internet. There is a good chance it will be common word soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see in the dictionary one day.

Speaking of phablets, I never found them look attractive. Maybe because the OS they are running on. That kind of ugly interfaces never look good on any device. More like people’s face, an ugly face better be smaller. Maybe phablets can be good looking if they have Windows Phone 8 running on. Lets hope.

Now, a bonus question: what is a smartphone?

“Smartphone” was one version of Windows CE that runs on phones. The other version was called “Pocket PC”, which would run on PDAs. The concept of PDA no longer exist but the concept of smartphone grew. Why Microsoft didn’t patent the term smartphone, I always wonder.