January 25, 2021

Some More Speculations About HoloLens




I have a few things to write about HoloLens, but haven’t find time to do that. After reading Paul Thurrott’s article “Next Up for Microsoft: New Hardware“, can’t resist the temptation anymore. So, here it goes.

I go to Paul’s article, scroll right to HoloLens. Well, he said what I wanted to say, but there are something where I hold my own opinions.

I totally agree that the FOV issue needs to be addressed one way or the other before release. I think they will, but a major improvement is unlikely due to hardware constraint. I remember somewhere on the online comments, someone mentioned Microsoft had tested internally that a wider FOV makes people dizzy. I think this guy is on to something. This is more likely due to processing power on these close to final devices are not enough to generate and project lights fast enough, or eye tracking can catch up. I am not sure if they have tricks in hand, but it’s a hard problem to solve, unless…

Paul has said,

What it really needs is a “Pro” version with a much bigger, welder-style front-lens to be truly immersive, but whatever.

That’s what I thought too, please read here. I think the challenge of  “Pro” is not the size, it’s the weight and price. I have tested myself (sort of), 400 gram of the current weight, is probably the upper limited. Unless they make it helmet like. I would guess, and hope a “Pro” version exists. Just want to mention, there was a picture of Terry, Joe and Alex wearing HoloLens together, the top front strips looked very reflective. Others are not so reflective. It might be that the pictures was taken from the most reflective angle. Also in the Trimble video, They look more reflective. I don’t know, it could be anything, but I hope they are different models.

About the size and look, I wouldn’t trade it to the glass looking ones. Those glasses, like the ones from ODG are lighter and smaller, but I think they look much worse than how the HoloLens look. “Why?” you ask. The reason is the ODG ones look too much like normal glasses, so people subconsciously draw comparison to glasses, but they are just ugly glasses. On other hand, HoloLens draws comparison to HMDs, well, this is probably the best looking HMD with no argument. (You know why donkeys look fine but monkeys don’t? Same logic, they look too much like human.)  I would take the best looking HMD over the ugly look glasses any day.

About release date, I think it will release before end of year, regardless of FOV. I originally firmly believed it has to be released before end of July, but I can’t say that anymore because of the FOV thing. NASA still says they will deploy OnSight in summer. Well, they can’t officially deploy it before Microsoft release it, right? What other ways are possible?