August 13, 2022

Guessing HoloLens Battery Life




I am at it again. I have guessed HoloLens price, see my post here.  I could be wrong, but somehow I believe my guesses have a better chance to meet the reality than most reports from the big and famous media. Because I do research, I spend time on it. This time, I want to share some thoughts about HoloLens battery life.

Gizmodo has said “lasts up to four hours on a charge.” I think that’s an educated guess as well, or his real experience during the 4 hours demo. I agree to that, I think his method is similar to mine.

The author actually attended Holographic Academy. That’s a 90 minutes to 4 hours training/demo. If Microsoft give you the device for 4 hours, supervised of course, its battery has to last 4 hours, right? I don’t hear anyone say they have to charge it during the time. Well, it’s possible it can be charged when the USB cable is connected to the PC, just like the smartphone, but if they decide a 4 hours session, I think they must be confident that there is no chance of recharging in any case. I don’t know for sure, but it’s likely, on the current setup, the battery should last 4 hours plus.

Now lets go inside a little bit. HoloLens is essentially an Intel Atom architecture PC, with CherryTail CPU designed for battery life.  It is very much like the new Surface 3, which lasts for 10 hours on one charge. HoloLens should most likely have smaller sized battery. Also it powers a few sensors that works the entire time. On the other hand, HoloLens doesn’t power a 11 inch HD screen, general consensus is Surface’s display consume more power than HoloLens light engine. There is no formula to put those things together to get a number, but a rough guess is 4 hours is a reasonable one.