April 12, 2021

BUILD 2015 – Day 3 Random Thoughts

This is BUILD day 3, again, too much information for me to write up full length posts. I will put everything I find interesting to this post. This is not live post, so it won’t be auto-update, you need to press F5 to refresh the page once in while.

I am not in BUILD, but have someone in good connection there.

First off, so far people who personally worn Hololens have said it’s comfortable. Not too heavy, some say not heavy at all. No problem wearing with glass on. Some complain about FOV, I think that’s from the gamer crowd.

Some said images are great. Hand recognition is good.

By the way, please make sure to watch Alex Kipman’s interview with Channel 9: here. Some information you never know before about Hololens.

Also most of day1, day2 session videos are online now. I had picked some of interesting ones, try to find time to watch them on the weekend, links are here.

About Field of View, my estimate was correct: there is article by Nick Statt from CNET. He said its like holding a piece of print paper 6 inch in front eyes. That’s pretty good to me. Obviously people comparing that with VRs. I would say that’s more than 120 degree, but no covering peripheral vision. He is also amazed by the spatial sound. He also said “Once the 90 minutes were up, we plugged back in the micro-USB cables connecting the HoloLens units with the Windows PCs”. He probably mean the PC is the development machine, runs Visual Studio. HoloLens is connected to PC with micro USB for code deployment and test. That’s the same way we do with Windows Phone.

Still no information if there is a emulator for HoloLens.


Gaze works as mouse pointer, tap is like mouse left button.

Looks like many of them complain about FOV. I don’t know myself, but I find conflict between what they say in measurement and how they feel. Most feel FOV is small, but if you put a piece of A4 paper 6″ in front your eyes, check for yourself. I think it’s not an issue. I think people expectation was lifted by the video shows all holograms on display same time. What is really happens is the FOV fills about the mid-peripheral vision, not the far-peripheral vision. That’s exactly how I said before.

FOV is mainly constrained by computing power, not the light engine. It appears, this time around, the FOV is smaller than last time Jan 21st. This proves my point. So, the more power it gets, the big FOV it can get.