May 28, 2022

Some Business Ideas with HoloLens – (3) Holo-Support

This is the third in a series of “Some Business Ideas with HoloLens”. Read others posts here.




Development Effort: 2/10
Business Value: 9/10
Wow Factor: 8/10

Technical support (or customer service) is a broad thing. Businesses, small or large, have support as part of the business. Large firms have support departments. Needless to say, support is a big reason for the success or failure of a business. Generally, tech support operates in this fashion: Customers call in and the call is forward to a tech support representative. The support person idenfy the problem characteristics, he then either try to solve it on the phone, or make replacement order, or send to support person to the customer’s place. However, if the customer has a HoloLens on head. The support person can make a Skype call to the customer, Just like what appeard in the HoloLens promo video. The support agent can see what the customer sees live. On one hand, the support agent can get a better understanding what the problem is. On the other, he can give detailed instruction on what to do. The result is reduced time spent in diagnostic, higher customer satisfaction rate, and cost saving for the company.

The implementation can be effortless, just a regular Skype call. But as we have seen in the video mentioned above, the support person can do annotation (draw some arrows) on the customer’s side. This would require some annotation support from Skype. I am here to assume this function will be available in Skype when Windows 10 is available later this year (if the function is not already in Skype, I am not familiar with Skype). For the business, only thing need to do is to have a Skype account, that’s about all it takes.

I just want to repeat the benefit of this: cost reduction and higher Customer Satisfaction. The end results can be more exciting than the plain words. Furthermore, this is achieved without much change in the business, it’s almost zero investment. Is there any training required? Minimal, less than training someone to use a phone.