May 29, 2020

This is Microsoft Conference, iCraps May not Be Used Please




I didn’t pay too much attention in //BUILD/2015 keynote yesterday, but I know there was a striking scene in Windows event in January 21, where a bunch of journalists put their iCraps on display. You know, I was generally a technology fan. I wrote code for DOS, Unix, Linux, and IBM ASP400. Until this kind of stupidity spreads over North America, then other part of the world. I don’t maintain I am neutral in the technology, I don’t belong to a herd of sheep or a herd of anything.

But I am irritated by those scenes. You wonder what those people were doing there. You go to a Microsoft event, you bring this kind of stuff, are you protesting or just want to annoy the speakers of the event.  Those are, I assume, educated people, because they call themselves journalists. I don’t see educated people without any common sense.

That’s not the reason I am writing this post. Let me get this straight, I am writing this because I know the majority of those journalists don’t deserve the title “journalist”. Journalist means professionalism, means respect the matters they are reporting, means attaining to certain level of standard, means pride. As one journalist once said in 2008: there is no secret that every journalist has a iCrap. This is one knew exact what was going on. Lets ask ourselves a question: 90% of the tech population on earth are using Windows, what is so specially with those people. There is no surprise when you look at their reviews of any Microsoft product. They have the conclusion done before they even start looking at the product. Some people try to hide their irrationality in their review, some people display that in full glory.

When they write about the iCraps, everything is a revolution.

Sad thing is the technology audience believe in those names. Like one psychologist used to say, thinking is hard, it takes a lot of energy. That’s why many people defer this task to those so-called journalist.

I would like to have this sign in the front door of the BUILD conference, or any Microsoft events in the future,

This is Micrsoft Event, iCraps may not be used please!

Because no report is better than reports from those “journalists”. I would also send an email to those journalists: I am sorry, but please don’t review our products.