August 13, 2022

//Build/2015 Impressions



//BUILD/2015 has just wrapped up. It was 3 hours, more than 30 minutes longer than planned. They didn’t show some contents they wanted to show. As Joe Belfiore just tweeted, he wanted to show how Windows Phone UI will evolve but didn’t have time.



As many in press has felt, there would be some announcement around Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015, but that was left for latter.

Azure and Office took big chunk of time, as it should, but to the press and consumers, the last part: Windows 10 and HoloLens should be more of the center for a show.

Windows 10 App and game demo should have been more, we know many third party devs have early access to the APIs. Also the demo of cross device apps could have been more and longer.

Game content is none.

HoloLens demos are amazing, but adding a coding process on stage could have been better. Biggest surprise is Windows Holographic SDK is not announced today.


What’s New

Continuum demo has been great. The experience is remarkable. Think about a phone can work like a desktop PC. I want to see more of that.

We have seen what some of HoloLens controls look like. But not sure if they are the standard controls, because most of the cases, developers use standard controls: like lists, buttons, checkboxes.

HoloLens devices are available to the conference attendees, which means the products is in close final form. This is a great sign.


What’s Next

We are still waiting for precise RTM/GA date for Windows 10. We shouldn’t wait too long. HoloLens release date is probably tied to that.

For developers, there will be sessions posted on Channel 9, where we can get further info on how to program on Universal Windows Application. Register on Holographic Academy, learn about programming for HoloLens. I will get more information about that.